Your SoarFare Points will never expire. Once you have accumulated points, they remain yours until you use them, or transfer them to another user.

SoarFare is a savings account for your flights. You build points monthly that you can use to purchase flights.

On our Subscriptions page, you will notice it shows an estimated amount of flights per subscription level to help you decide which plan most fits your needs and budget.

Yes! At any time you can make changes to your subscription level with SoarFare. So, if you decide to take a large trip mid-year, you can increase your subscription to help you boost your points before then.

No, Points have no value except within the SoarFare system and are nonrefundable.
Yes, absolutely! We want you to be able to help those around you travel with you. You can transfer as many points as you have available at any time, absolutely for free.
Yes! Our main goal at SoarFare is to help you get there. We understand that many people often travel with family, and we have Family Subscriptions for this exact purpose. You can find our family plans on our Subscriptions Page.